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The Benefits of Exercise...

The benefits of exercise are well established, and affect every part of our lives. Would you like to...

feel good...
...cope better with stress?
...improve your appearance?
...feel better about yourself?
...worry less about your weight?
...have more energy and vitality?
...have more strength and stamina? with everyday activities with ease?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions then you would benefit from exercise.

Exercise has long been accepted as the way to a healthy life, however modern studies, have begun to offer us the reasons why exercise is good for our health. Some benefits of exercise are listed below...
look great...

Increased cardiovascular fitness
Increased muscular endurance
Improved muscle tone
Improved weight control
Increased energy / vitality
Increased sense of well-being
Increased self-esteem
Lower risk of coronary artery disease
Lower cholesterol levels
Lower blood pressure
Lower general stress and tension

Why Personal Training?

training smarter...
With so many reasons to exercise, the next move must be where to start. This can be a major stumbling point, with all the different classes, products, gyms etc..., on offer. A Personal Trainer can save you a lot of time and effort in improving your health and fitness, by tailoring a programme to suit your own requirements.

Why Body Tonic?

No two people are the same and it follows that no two training programmes are the same, even two people with the same goals will have different programmes...
As well as being the one to motivate you, when you lack the necessary drive to continue, a personal trainer will also allow you the freedom to train, in the knowledge that you are following the most appropriate training programme for you and your goals. Body Tonic treats everyone according to their individual circumstances and gets great results. With a comprehensive assessment to start with, training styles tailored to suit you, and full online backup 24 hours a day, Body Tonic is the best way to long term health and fitness. Through Body Tonics associated personal trainers scheme it is also possible to train anywhere in the country and still have the full back up of Body Tonic online.

With body tonic Personal Training Your Goals are Our Aims.

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