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Personal Trainers
Simon Gall Simon Gall Sports Massage / Thai massage / Thai Foot Massage / Thai Herbal massage
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Simon Gall Ba (hons)

Simon is founder and managing director of Body Tonic and has over 15 years of education and training within the health & fitness industry. Body Tonic was set up in 1998 to provide safe and effective health & fitness training and advice to individuals and companies in order to achieve their goals.

The team at Body Tonic has grown over the years with specialist personal trainers and therapists joining the team to provide a truly holistic approach to health & fitness.

Simon Gall - team leader

As well as a sports science graduate, Simon is also a qualified nutritional consultant and sports massage therapist. He has trained as a yoga teacher and is a qualified Pilates instructor and is continually studying and developing his skills.

Simon continues to train his own loyal client base, whilst offering Sports massage, thai massage, and seated acupressure massage at the bodytonic practice. Simon also organises and runs the corporate health & fitness aspect and takes a personal interest in the training and progress of every Body Tonic client.

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