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See how you shape up...
...with a body tonic healthcheck!
Looking for direction and motivation? Originally designed as the first stage in personal fitness training, the Bodytonic Healthcheck allows you and your trainer to assess your present health and fitness, set your goals, and design your training programme. lt has been designed to be mobile, accurate and available to all.

The equipment is all state of the art and the physical tests have all been developed for their accuracy and ease of performance. The Bodytonic Healthcheck is also available at local gyms and leisure facilities for gym users who follow their own training programme, but would like to monitor their progress, or evaluate their training programme.

The bodytonic Healthcheck is also ideal for the workplace as an alternative to a full blown medical, allowing the individual to take a pro-active approach to their health, and make informed changes to their life.

Whatever your present level of health and fitness the Bodytonic Healthcheck is the ideal starting point to long term health & fitness.

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Book a Healthcheck now and follow the "Five Steps to Fitness"...

The healthcheck is split into 5 categories:

• Lifestyle & Diet: a look at your medical history, exercise history, current exercise level, motivational factors, and diet.

• Body Composition:
precise measurements of frame size, height, weight, and body fat.

• Cardiovascular Analysis:
analysis of resting heart rate, blood pressure, lung function and cholesterol levels.

• Fitness Assessment:
Practical assessment of aerobic fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

• Results & Recommendations: All results from the above tests are evaluated and compared to existing norms and guidelines, giving both you and your trainer a clear picture of your present health & fitness.

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The healthcheck is completely mobile and accessible to all.

The healthcheck can be performed comfortably in your home, office or gym.

Book your healthcheck now by calling
020 8460 1213

The healthcheck finishes with a personal profile, including test results and practical advice on the best ways for you to improve your health and fitness.

**The Body Tonic healthcheck is intended as a general guide to your present health. It is not intended to offer medical advice or diagnose medical conditions. Your General Practitioner should always be sought for such advice.**

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