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Diet and Nutrition is not something that can be ignored, if you want to remain fit and healthy. With all the recent health issues regarding what we eat, and all the contradictory "evidence" as to what we should eat, it can be very difficult to get it right.

Simon offers nutritional and dietary advice to his clients, with the individuals situation in mind. He does not recommend any form of crash dieting, but instead offers a progressive change to a healthier diet to suit your needs.

Treatment information:

As part of your nutritional case study you will receive:

Initial consultation
One-day nutritional analysis
Symptom Analysis
Diet evaluation
Recommended strategy
One-day personal diet plan
Follow up consultation

to book a full nutritional analysis with our Nutritional Therapist call 020 8460 1213

Try our free online nutritional deficiency test and find out what nutrients are missing from your diet...


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