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The benefits of a healthy workforce have long been accepted, but the responsibility for general health and fitness has traditionally been that of the individuals'. Companies rightly place their emphasis on the Health & Safety of their staff, with many offering additional health cover when needed.

The Pro-active Approach...

There is increasing evidence that exercise not only increases physical performance, but also increases the performance of the brain. Exercisers consistently think better, remember more, and react more quickly than those who do not exercise. A more pro-active approach to your employees health and fitness will:

Improve morale
Improve efficiency
Improve motivation
Improve productivity
Lower absenteeism

body tonic has a range of services to tailor an appropriate package to suit your companies needs and budget. Whether it's routine healthchecks to encourage your staff to improve their health. Running of weekly exercise classes and on-site massage sessions, or the complete design, installation, and implementation of a corporate gymnasium.

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